Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Movie Excerts

Pursuit of Happiness
“Maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue. And maybe we can actually never have it no matter what.”

The Yellow Submarine
“Peace! Peace! Supplant the doom and the gloom! Turn off what is sour! Turn into a flower and BLOOM! BLOOM! BLOOM!”

Song Excerts

The Beatles, Strawberry Fields Forever
“It's getting hard to be someone but it all works outIt doesn't matter much to meLet me take you down, cos I'm going to Strawberry FieldsNothing is real and nothing to get hung about”

Bob Marley, Sun Is Shining
“Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeahMake you wanna move your dancing feet now”

Bob Marley, Don’t worry, Be happy
“Here I give you my phone number
When you worry call me I make you happy Don't worry, be happy”

Poem Excerts

Amber Swiney, Inside my Happiness…
“Inside my happiness, the colors are so bright and vivid and I am able to see everything clearly. Inside my happiness, there were no dark times because in my happiness the sun always shines. Inside my happiness, there is no pain, there is no fear and there certainly is no doubt.”

Luci Loughlin, Happiness
“Happiness is that which rights all wrongs and leaves us without regret”

Carl Sandburg, Joy
“LET a joy keep you. Reach out your hands”

Sri Chinmoy, Be happy
“Yesterday’s world wants you to enjoy its surrendering breath. Today’s world wants you to enjoy its surrendered breath. Tomorrow’s world wants you to enjoy its fulfilling breath. “

Raymond Carver Happiness
“Happiness. It comes on unexpectedly. And goes beyond, really, any early morning talk about it.”

Amy Lowell, Happiness
“Happiness: We rarely feel it. I would buy it, beg it, steal it,”

Dick Richardson, Happiness
“So many seeking happiness, yet know not where to look; and if not found amid the world they settle for a book!”

Robert Louis Stevenson, A Good Play
We sailed along for days and days, And had the very best of plays; But Tom fell out and hurt his knee, So there was no one left but me.

Narritive #3

We woke up early today, it was a warm morning. I’d gotten the kid up out of bed and off to school, so it was just me and my daughter Jennifer. She was too young to start school and my other children we grown enough to. It seemed like a normal day, I was tending to the dishes and Jen played next to me. It was very peaceful.
All of a sudden she started to cry. I looked down at her and smiled and bent down to pick her up. Calmed down enough to tell me in her way what happened. She got a splinter.
I took her to the doctors where she seems to be feeling uneasy. I wanted to make she didn’t get an infection. The nurse took the splinter out and gave her, her first shot. Surprisingly she wasn’t crying and smiled at the nurse when it was all over.
The end

Narritive #2

We met at a dance show much like this one, loud music, people laughing and the feeling of dance in the room. We moved to the beat of the band and it was like we were floating on a cloud. He’s always seemed to sweep me off my feet, especially when we danced. We were so graceful and so quick, it was like we’d become one with each other. I know in me that he is my forever and he makes me happiest in life.
The night was humid and the room was loud with tons of people talking and having a good time. We were just dancing for fun tonight usually we danced for other people. But it was like it was just him and I like always. His eyes locked on mine and mine locked on his, we danced. He knew exactly which way I danced and we were in sync as always. Our moves have never been something that people could copy, always being one of a kind. At contest we are unstoppable and determined, but yet we have our fun.
The colors around us were so bright and the faces that watched us were joyful. As we danced and smiled we struck our last pose and he whispered “I love you” He makes me so happy and we will forever dance the tango with each other in our hearts and everywhere else.
The end.

Narritive #1

I sat there on the balcony of my home, pleasantly just watching the sun set out on the sea. It was still very warm considering the time of day. I’d never been to keen on being alone much, but today was an acception because of the beautiful view I’d never really noticed. I sat there and just listened to the sound of the birds singing a fast and delightful little song.
I heard a break in the peace, it was laughter. The laughter came from people walking down the hall; I could hear their footsteps getting louder and louder. It was my friends, Leo and Harmony, probably trying to get me to come out of my room. They’d always loved to be in others company.
They entered with big grins on their faces and a cheerful tone. They’d decided to join me for a sit and a drink. We enjoyed each other’s company and talked as the warm sun slowly set. I was then filled with total happiness and peace.
The end

Critique #3

This abstract painting is title is unknown, but is painted by Jimmy Prabhakara. The median of this painting is acrylic on canvas. This abstract painting is what looks to be a beach with a jungle of trees behind it that fade into the distance. This shows many of the vocabulary words and art terms.
Many words can be used to describe this painting. The first word would be, abstract, this is because you can’t exactly tell what it is that is being seen. This painting could be anything to someone, but to me I see a beach seen. Balance in is another word that can be used. The all around painting is balanced but the colors don’t exactly balance out. The content of this painting could be anything but it really looks like a beach off of a jungle. There is great contrast in this painting, the different shades of green and blue are all fading into each other but also can be seen easily. The colors in this are all very bright and warm; this gives a happy feeling and a warm energy to most viewing it. The emphasis of this is the water mainly because of the lighter color used compared to the dark blue in it. There is harmony in this, it is peaceful and is easy to look at. The movement in this is very smooth and relaxing. There is outdoor lighting in this painting because it is like the sun is right above you, the lighting gets darker in the back ground this is plein air. The dark blue in the background was mixed with black which shows value in this painting. There are many types of tones in this painting, the different qualities of colors. There is a lighter color’s in this than dark, the dark is more in the right of this. These are the different words that can be used for this painting.
This painting is of what looks to be a beach, in Quek, Singapore. The beach seems to be off of a jungle or forest. The colors are very warm and make a relaxed feel almost like you’re going to the beach. Even though it’s abstract it still takes the feel of a beach.